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Our ever-changing lineup of core and seasonally inspired kombucha are healthy, delicious and refreshing and celebrate the bounty of BC’s very best high-quality and locally grown fruits, flowers and herbs sourced straight from the farm. At Culture Craft Kombucha, we are committed to only using the highest grade fair-trade teas, purified water, organic cane sugar and sustainably grown and sourced organic produce in all of our products.

You can view a list of ingredients in each brew on their flavour product page 

Below is more detail on some of the amazing teams of farmers, suppliers and farm purveyors around BC we are proud to work with every day.


Justea Farm


The Bain Family

Used in every flavourWhen we say that the tea that we use as the building blocks for our kombucha brews is the ‘Bain of our existence’, we mean it.

Say hello to the Bain family, the entrepreneurs and social-agricultural champions behind Vancouver’s Justea — the company we source the tea blends from that form the very foundation of Culture Craft Kombucha's brews — and one with which we share a commitment to the principles of quality, fair trade and sustainability.

Justea is the first Kenyan farm-direct tea producer in the world, and supports small-scale farmers in Africa who proudly and sustainable produce whole-leaf premium tea that is genuinely in a league of its own. It gives our kombucha the essential nutrients it needs to flourish and the antioxidants which, when paired with our added organic herbs, flowers and fruit, make for a healthy, delicious beverage above all others.


Bremner’s Farm

Terry Bremner

Meet Terry Bremner — the guy behind our bold and beautiful OG Blueberry Ginger Kombucha.

During his younger days, Terry left the family farm in Delta to globe-trot and work abroad in South America for a spell and quickly came to appreciate the qualities of pure, fresh fruit juice. No additives. No fillers. Just what Mother Nature provided. It was the epiphany he needed — when he returned to BC, he came home with a head of steam and a burning desire to start making the best blueberry juice in the world.

He founded Bremner Foods Ltd. in 2001, and it all kicked off with the creation of Bremner’s 100% pure blueberry juice. Not from concentrate and with no additives, preservatives, sugar or water — a juice that lets the pure bounty of the premium BC berries shine. And it’s those same berries of Terry’s that we use to bolster this brew with the sweet and sour notes that perfectly complement the fiery kick of freshly juiced organic ginger.


Tuscan Farm Garden

Jodi and James Warkentin

Ah, Lavender. It conjures up unmistakable aromas and images of free-flowing pastures of deep purple in Provence. It’s also the not-so-secret ingredient that provides the delicate floral undertones in our sweet-summer-sippin’ Lavender Lemonade Kombucha.

The Warkentin family has lived in Mt. Lehman for many years but bought the farm in 2017 and settled down with their four boys, flock of chickens and beehives from on down the road into the new homestead and immediately began nurturing and harvesting the lavender for wholesale and in a line of natural products made with the farm’s lavender, herbs and flowers.

Lavender is a hardy plant that loves full sun and ideal drainage and flourishes on the West Coast in our mostly mild winter and dry summers. Jodi and James still tend to their crop by hand, cutting it with a scythe and bundling it during harvest season when the buds are full but the blossoms are not yet open, usually at the end of June. The cut-and-bundled lavender is hung in the family shop to dry and then used to create its products.


TnT Dynamite Peaches

David Tauzer and Katherine Tomczuk

When you’re working with a farm that goes by the name ’TnT’, you KNOW the product is going to be DYNAMITE. That’s certainly the case for the peaches we procure from David Tauzer and Katherine Tomczuk, the husband-and-wife team and the ’T and Ts’ behind their eponymous orchard located in Naramata.

They’ve been growing peaches at the property for more than a quarter of a century after first purchasing the cherry-peach farm in 1990. In 2006, they replanted the entire orchard in peach varieties like Red Haven, Red Globe, Canadian Harmony and Coral Star and harvest the pick of the crop during July and August and sell them at farmers’ markets and their on-farm produce stand.

It’s the explosive taste of these peaches that provide the tart sweetness that pairs perfectly with the herbaceous flavours of fresh muddled basil that provides the aromatic, refreshing and off-dry punch of our Peach Basil Kombucha. 


Yarrow Elderflower Farm

Henning Jensen

If you’re a big fan of the fragrant lemon and honeysuckle hints of our Elderflower flavour, you can step into the shoes of the Scandinavians and say ‘Mange Tak’ (many thanks) to this amiable and colourful Danish ex-pat who grows the heirloom blooms we use to brew this popular ’buch.

Jensen, who emigrated to Canada as a young boy with his family and settled on the North Shore of Vancouver, first moved to the Chilliwack area in 1975 (coincidentally, also the year of the pride-and-joy white Corvette he drives) and planted his first elderflowers in 2000. A popular crop with those in the Eastern-European and -Canadian culinary communities, Jensen’s harvests are also used by other local businesses for their products, including Vancouver’s Odd Society Sprits and Squamish’s Frostbite Syrup Co.

This Great Dane’s one-acre orchard of fresh elderflowers and black elderberries is open daily from mid-May to early June for U-cut elderflowers and mid-August to mid-September for U-pick elderberries.


Read our FAQ below to answer your general questions. Don't see an answer contact us.


What are your Covid safety measures?

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Masks are recommended for those not fully vaccinated while visiting the brewery

We will continue to sanitize all surfaces regularly and staff will continue to wear masks until such time as this pandemic is over


How do I order?

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Check out and pay online. Online orders are ready for Pickup in 48hrs. Delivery is offered once a week** on Friday to Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. If you are outside of Vancouver a flat delivery fee of $20 and you will get your order within 48hrs. Delivery to: Burnaby and  Port Coquitlam. You will receive an email when your order is on its way.    

**Might be delivered before Friday

We no longer offer delivery to  Delta, Langley, New Westminster, Richmond, Surrey, White Rock. But you can still pick up your order from our Coquitlam location.

Can I just drop into the shop?

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Our facility is a shared production kitchen so we only allow visitors by appointment. If you call 1 hour ahead we can generally arrange an appointment for you. 


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All orders must be placed and paid online.



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Online Orders will receive an email titled "Order #(your order number) is placed" within 48hrs of your order being placed. This email will detail your pickup date and time. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is ready for pickup.  Do not try to pickup your order before you receive this confirmation email.

Late unclaimed orders

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Due to our limited space, orders will be held for 24 hrs 


Product care is simple!

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Keep Refrigerated. Caps can be twisted off. Do not use a bottle opener. Do not shake.

My kombucha was left out of the refrigerated overnight can I still drink it?

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Yes, Kombucha left out of the fridge is safe to drink if left unrefrigerated. After 72 hours the kombucha may become increasingly carbonated and might burst its cap.

I have a food allergy can I have your kombucha?

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Our production equipment is used solely by us and is sanitized after every use. We are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, GMO free, Nut Free You can see a list of the ingredients in each flavour on the flavours product page. 



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